StoryHarvest: 2nd Annual Celebration of Art and Food from Seed to Table

The Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy New York
Date & Time: 10/20/2012 – 5pm

Listen to a performance by Sonagi Project at Freedom Square!

Sonagi Project will also join in the community parade with Bread and Puppet Theater from 3-4 pm!

Sonagi Project is a Korean percussion ensemble that draws from traditional sources to create new, dynamic Korean music. Founded in 2006 by current artistic director Chang Jae Hyo, the group performs on traditional Korean percussion instruments, with a special focus on the janggu, the horizontal double-headed drum that has been integral to many genres of Korean music throughout its long history. Other instruments include the ggwaengwari (small gong), jing (medium-sized gong), and dungbuk (modified barrel drum). The group breathes new life into Korea’s traditional drumming as it brings these instruments into the twenty-first century, performing traditionally-based yet original repertoire for contemporary audiences, both domestically and abroad.

Post Author: Park Tae Soon

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